The 5 best attractions in Terra Mitica

Terra Mitica is a theme park that you must visit if you are a brave person …. You will find many attractions to feel adrenaline, Do you dare it? 

The 5 strongest attractions of Terra Mitica

1 – Inferno.

Inferno is the attraction that in less time makes you feel uncontrollable feelings …  you’ll form part of a ball and begin to be face down, face up, sideways, and rotating  at 60 km / h … This ball has gone mad and you go inside! … Incredible! What a feeling!

. 2 – Feeling dizzy on Flight of the Phoenix

Prepare to die of fright … go up to 54m high speed acceleration 0.25g easy for viewing the beautiful views of the skyline of Benidorm until you get up! The attraction will stop a few seconds! Be the most stressful seconds of your life are waiting for the fall! …. And when you least expect … Begin to fall 100km/h…a falling sensation is tremendous vacuum and lasts longer what you think! … Do you accept the challenge?

3 -. Dar five turns of 360 ° Titánide

Feel your feet dangling while you’re at full speed. You feel the speed of 100km per hour for the rails! Feeling Great and twisted vertical and horizontal 360 degree spins! … You will enjoy being on top more quickly lower 31 meters high … Just for brave people 

. 4 – Feeling that fall to the ground in Synkope

Dare to jump on this turntable … falls at a speed of 90km reaches a height of 35m … As it reaches the height will turn slowly so that you can try all angles of the circle to form an angle of 120 º on the ground … be prepared when you will touch down front …. will give you the feeling that you are crashing to the ground!

5 -. Feel the wind at 100km / h in Magnus Colossus

Ride the wooden roller coaster with a distance of more than 1km! … Dare to raise your hands, draw for those tight corners and feel falls from 35 meters high to a 2g acceleration force …. Buckle up we’re going to 100km/h!

All these attractions are listed as adrenaline level STRONG!

 Do you dare to hop on these 5 things?

What do you think that is the best atracction?

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