Where is the tapas area in Benidorm (basque zone)?

In the old town of Benidorm you will find the famous place to eat the best tapas in Benidorm, called basque zone.

tapas 4

Where are the best tapas in Benidorm?

If your acommodation is in Rincon de Loix, walk in levante beach till the old city hall that is at the end of the beach. At the right you will find the basque zone, you will find several places to eat the best tapas in town, our advice, try every place  :).

Benidorm casco antiguo
Benidorm casco antiguo

To find tapas bars in Benidorm in this zone is very easy, we should do it in  Calle el rosari 10 (street)

calles tapas
tapas bar street in Benidorm

Do you want to drink beer or wine with a tapa? This bars are the cheapest in town!!! just 2 euros!

tapas benidorm
Bares de tapas

If you are planning your holiday in Benidorm  and you think in an oficial private transfer company, we can pick up you from  alicante airport to benidorm (and return).