Halloween at Terra Mitica Benidorm

Halloween at Terra Mitica.

Without a doubt, one of the best plans for this Halloween is going to visit the “scary” decorations in Terra Mitica, the colors orange, black and purple will accompany you throughout the park.

Ghosts, goblins, demons, acrobats, dancers, singers, actors characterized with horror characters, the Adams family, Beelzebub the prince of darkness or Satan himself awaits you with tombstones and pumpkins on a chilling and unforgettable day.

I recommend you to visit first the pyramid of Cheops, a journey of fear and terror through the mazes and corridors that hides who was the second pharaoh of the four Dynasty Empire of Ancient Egypt, dark and unpredictable shocks are waiting for you there.

Terra Mitica Shows
Terra Mitica Shows-3 pm in Pica-Picae

The civilizations that you can visit are the three most powerful in Mediterranean history, Egypt, Greece and Rome.

I must confess that what surprised me most wasn’t the Halloween decoration, in my opinion the shows are  amazing, from 11 am untill 9 pm you can see several shows.  I recommend you to go before 3pm to eat in Pica-Picae and later see the show that starts at 3pm!!

One of the responsible media and press Terra Mitica, this year they have made ​​a significant effort to decorated Terra Mitica with Halloween stuffs and improve their shows, in my opinion they are in the good way, if you have the opportunity to visit one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, the city that never sleeps or villa skyscrapers among many other denominations the fear experience in Terra Mitica should be lived.

Hamburger in Terra Mitica
Hamburger in Terra Mitica

Furthermore, gastronomy is focused on Halloween, you will find a “terrifying” menu  if you wish with several dishes, ghost pizza, Beelzebub ribs or hamburger

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Halloween at Mundomar-Benidorm

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